Apple’s New Leak Reveals Apple iPhone 16 Pro Models

Apple's New Leak Reveals

As we discover more information about the iPhone 16, some pictures that weren’t supposed to be seen yet have come out. These sneak peeks are showing us some of the major differences we can expect in Apple’s upcoming smartphone.

Exclusive Leaks from Sonny Dickson

A well-known Apple insider, Sonny Dickson, has shared some exclusive images revealing the design of not just one, but four new iPhone models: the iPhone 16, iPhone 16 Plus, iPhone 16 Pro, and iPhone 16 Pro Max. These images give us a glimpse of what to expect before Apple’s expected announcement in early September 2024.

Changes in Design

The leaked images show that Apple will be introducing some significant design changes. While the exact materials are still a mystery, another leak hints at the colours and rear glass design of the new iPhone 16 models. Unlike the previous year’s models, the new iPhones will feature rear glass infused with specific colours like space black, grey, white, and rose. Although this glass may not be as strong as before, it’s likely been improved over the past year.

Introduction of the Action Button

A new feature making its debut across all iPhone 16 models is the Action Button. This button, introduced in the previous models, replaces the mute switch and can be programmed to perform various tasks or open specific apps. Its inclusion across the entire range highlights Apple’s commitment to making it a key feature of the iPhone, catering to both marketing and developer needs.

Innovations in Button Design

The new iPhones will also feature a second button called the Capture Button, positioned alongside the Action Button. This button will have a capacitive design, meaning it won’t have any moving parts. Instead, it’ll rely on haptic feedback to simulate the feeling of pressing a physical button. This design aligns with Apple’s vision of a buttonless smartphone.

Enhancements to Camera Setup

The leaked images also reveal changes in the rear camera layout. The diagonal arrangement seen in previous models is replaced by a vertical setup, which will enable the recording of stereoscopic videos. While this feature may not have a significant impact initially, it opens up possibilities for viewing 3D content in Apple’s future mixed-reality headsets.

Looking Ahead

Alongside these hardware updates, Apple is also planning to introduce generative AI tools in iOS 18. More details about these developments are expected at the upcoming Worldwide Developer Conference in June. As usual, we can anticipate the official launch of the iPhone 16 family in early September.

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