Infosys loses a senior manager Accenture to Sign Binny Mathews

Binny Mathews

Big IT consulting company Accenture has chosen Binny Mathews, a former executive at Infosys, as its chief procurement officer and head of Procurement Plus (P+) capability. Mathews, who worked at Infosys for over 15 years, joined Accenture on January 3, 2024. He will now lead the global procurement spending strategy for Accenture, aiming to transform the company’s supply chain into a sustainable and diverse value chain. This move follows a trend of senior executives leaving Infosys over the past year.

Accenture stated that Mathews will focus on responsible and profitable buying, along with building 360° supplier partnerships. Before Infosys, Mathews worked in the procurement divisions of Tata Group, FreeMarkets (now SAP Ariba), and Marico.

There has been a lot of movement among IT sector firms, with Infosys and Wipro losing many employees to rival companies. In 2023, Infosys lost approximately ten senior executives to other firms, leading to legal actions by Wipro against former employees who joined Cognizant. Infosys accused Cognizant of “unethical poaching tactics” in a strongly worded communication.

Starting in September 2023, Accenture has made important changes in its leadership team by appointing five senior executives. These include Manish Sharma as the CEO for North America, John Walsh as the Chief Operating Officer, Steve Ferneyhough as the Chief Strategic Accounts & Global Sales Officer, Paul Daugherty as the Chief Technology & Innovation Officer, and Karthik Narain as the Group Chief Executive for Technology.

Binny Mathews, who is now in charge of Procurement Plus, expressed enthusiasm about advancing Accenture’s global leadership in responsible buying. He highlighted the importance of sustainability, transparency, agility, and inclusivity in their relationships with suppliers worldwide.

Margaret Smith, Senior Managing Director and Executive Director of Corporate Services and Sustainability at Accenture, emphasized Binny’s crucial role in driving innovation, growth, and business continuity. She mentioned that Binny will ensure the global strategy aligns with local demand and is executed with data-driven approaches to deliver value.