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Monkey Man Held Up in India: Censor Board Review Delays Release

Monkey Man Held Up in India

Dev Patel’s directorial debut, the revenge action film “Monkey Man,” has been delayed in India. While it premiered worldwide on April 5th, its Indian release scheduled for April 19th is on hold.

The Central Board of Film Certification (CBFC) is yet to approve the film due to concerns about violence, sexual content, and its portrayal of Hinduism and mythology.

The Story of Monkey Man

The film follows Bobby, a young man raised by his mother on stories of the Hindu monkey god Hanuman. Their peaceful life is shattered when a corrupt developer, linked to a right-wing politician, targets their forest for profit. Tragedy strikes, and Bobby, fueled by revenge, infiltrates a criminal organization as a masked fighter to target those responsible.

Controversy and Concerns

Reports suggest “Monkey Man” offers a pointed critique of a popular leader who exploits Hinduism for political gain. Additionally, the film includes references to the marginalized Hijra community and highlights violence against transgender and Muslim minorities through news footage.

Release Uncertain

Originally acquired by Netflix, the platform reportedly passed on the film due to the potential offence it might cause right-wing viewers in India. Now, the CBFC review process will determine “Monkey Man’s” fate in the Indian market.

Why Has the Film’s Release Been Delayed in India?

Initial reports suggested a box office clash with other films might be the reason for the delay. However, a source revealed a different story.

Censor Board Review

The real hold-up is due to the Central Board of Film Certification (CBFC) review process. The film apparently contains excessive violence and elements that could potentially offend certain viewers. The CBFC might require edits to the visuals or dialogue before granting clearance.

Release Date Uncertainty

A source close to Bollywood Hungama indicated that the makers are still aiming for an April 19th release in India, but it hinges on getting approval from the CBFC. The process also involves approval from Universal Studios in the US for any edits suggested by the CBFC.

Potential Delays and Edits

If the review takes longer, the release could be pushed back a week to April 26th. In the worst-case scenario, significant edits might be needed to secure CBFC clearance, potentially impacting the film’s content.

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