Rose Day celebration as Valentine’s Week has arrived

Rose Day celebration

Expressing love towards our loved ones is already a beautiful feeling. We don’t need any special occasion to celebrate it. But usually, as the month of February approaches, all the love birds start getting excited to celebrate it as a month of love and Valentine’s week.

The celebration of Valentine’s week is just another way of expressing our gratitude, love, and affection towards our partner and making them feel special. Most people believe that Valentine’s week is named after Saint Valentine. Valentine’s week starts from the 7th of February, which is celebrated as Rose Day.

Most people believe that the celebration of Rose Day was started by Victorians to express their love by gifting each other. Romans linked roses with Venus, the goddess of love and beauty.

A rose is a symbol of love, passion, and admiration. It has been used for centuries to express our feelings of love. Sending a rose to someone is the best way to express and convey your beautiful message of love.

As tomorrow is the 7th of Feb, Rose Day will be celebrated all over India. Specially, couples express their feelings to their partners & celebrate it with great enthusiasm & love. But it is not mandatory to gift a rose only to their partner. People should show their deepest feelings by sending a beautiful rose to their partner, parents, friends, and anyone around them to make them feel happy & special. Love is for everyone, everyone deserves admiration, we should love everyone around us. And don’t forget to love yourself too so you can give a rose to yourself also.

Different colours of roses have different meanings

Red roses symbolise  ultimate love and romance. They are ideal to give to your partner to show your beautiful feelings and emotions.

Yellow roses symbolise friendship, care, and remembrance. You can bring a smile to the face of your lovely friends by giving them a yellow rose.

White roses symbolise loyalty, purity, and innocence. They are appropriate for friends and business colleagues. Nowadays, they are also used in marriages to symbolise new beginnings.

Pink roses symbolise gratitude, grace, admiration, and sweetness. You can give them to your friends, partner, or parents as well.