Sonam Wangchuk Cancels March To LAC, Citing Government ‘Suppression’ Attempts And ‘Overreaction’

Sonam Wangchuk Cancels March To LAC, Citing Government 'Suppression' Attempts And 'Overreaction'

Ahead of the planned Pashmina march along the Line of Actual Control (LAC), Sonam Wangchuk, the activist who inspired the movie “3 Idiots,” expressed concern about attempts to arrest peaceful youth leaders and singers. He shared a video on social media alleging “disproportionate force, barricades, and smoke grenades” being used, accusing authorities of turning Leh into a war zone.

Wangchuk further claimed that the government seems more interested in protecting “votes and mining lobbies” than addressing Ladakh’s concerns.

Details of Alleged Crackdown

In his video, Wangchuk described an incident where peaceful protestors were taken to a police station, forced to sign papers, and threatened with arrest. Local religious leaders intervened, securing their release.

Section 144 Imposed in Leh

Following the announcement of the Pashmina march, Section 144 was imposed in Leh, a move heavily criticized by Wangchuk. He emphasized that the protests had been peaceful for weeks and questioned the need for such a strict measure.

The district administration, however, cited concerns about potential breaches of peace and public order as justification for imposing Section 144.

Wangchuk’s Demands

This comes after Wangchuk recently concluded a 21-day fast demanding statehood for Ladakh and its inclusion in the Sixth Schedule of the Constitution. These measures aim to protect the region’s fragile ecology from exploitation by industries.

The Pashmina march wants to show how Changpa nomads are affected by factories growing and Chinese people coming into their usual lands where they let their animals eat. The march also wants:

  1. Ladakh to be its own state: This would let Ladakh have more say in its own decisions and resources.
  2. To be part of the Sixth Schedule: This rule helps protect the traditions and nature of tribal communities.

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