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What Umpire Wear In Hand In IPL?

What Umpire Wear In Hand In IPL

In the exciting world of cricket, the Indian Premier League (IPL) is one of the biggest and most-watched tournaments worldwide. During the intense matches and exciting performances, umpires play a crucial role in making sure the game is fair and follows the rules. What the umpires wear during IPL matches is very important for how they look and how well they can do their job. Let’s explore what gear IPL umpires wear and why it’s so important for them to have the right equipment on the cricket field.

Umpire’s Arm Equipment

Umpires play a crucial role in cricket matches, ensuring fair play and upholding the rules of the game. One interesting aspect of their attire is what they wear on their arms, which serves various purposes beyond just aesthetics.

Umpires in the Indian Premier League (IPL) are often spotted wearing unique and innovative hand gear that serves both protective and functional purposes during matches.

This specialized equipment, including shield-like devices and other fascinating tools, not only enhances the umpires’ safety but also aids in their decision-making and communication on the field.

The use of these distinctive hand-worn accessories in the IPL reflects the league’s commitment to incorporating advanced technology and safety measures into the game, ensuring a high standard of officiating in one of the most prestigious cricket tournaments globally.

Bruce Oxenford’s Arm Band

Bruce Oxenford, a renowned cricket umpire, is known for wearing a unique arm band. This band is not just a fashion statement but serves a practical purpose during matches.

Ox Block

The ‘Ox Block’ is a bulletproof device designed to keep umpires safe. This innovative equipment is crucial for umpires’ safety, especially in high-intensity matches.

Devices Used by Umpires

Umpires utilize various devices during matches to aid in decision-making and ensure the smooth running of the game. These devices range from communication tools to assistive technology for making accurate calls.

Fascinating Umpire Equipment

Apart from the essential arm band and safety devices, umpires use a range of fascinating equipment during cricket matches. These tools enhance their efficiency and contribute to the overall integrity of the game.


In conclusion, what umpires wear on their arms goes beyond mere aesthetics. From safety devices like the ‘Ox Block’ to essential communication tools, these items are integral to the umpires’ performance and safety on the field. Understanding the significance of these arm accessories sheds light on the meticulous preparation and attention to detail required of cricket umpires.

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