YouTube Removes Over 1,000 ‘Celebrity Ads’ Videos: Here’s Why

YouTube Removes Videos

YouTube cracked down on deepfake scam ads, removing over 1,000 videos featuring AI-cloned celebrities like Taylor Swift and Joe Rogan promoting bogus Medicare schemes. The Google-owned platform is ramping up efforts to combat these deceptive ads created using AI technology.

A thorough investigation by 404 Media prompted the removal of more than 1,000 videos linked to an advertising ring. These ads featured famous personalities such as Taylor Swift, Steve Harvey, and Joe Rogan promoting Medicare scams, and YouTube has taken action to address the issue.

YouTube Takes Action Against Harmful AI-Generated Content

YouTube disclosed earlier this month its plan to counter artificial intelligence (AI)-generated video that accurately depicts deceased kids or victims of violent events that are well-documented. In response, the video-sharing website revised its guidelines regarding harassment and cyberbullying. According to disturbing accusations, some video creators were using artificial intelligence (AI) to mimic the appearance of missing or dead children and give them a childlike “voice” to tell the facts of their horrific experiences. YouTube has made it clear that any content that breaks these rules will be taken down right away, with email notifications sent to the authors.

Concerns Rise with Taylor Swift’s Explicit Deepfakes

Simultaneously, explicit deepfake videos featuring Taylor Swift gained widespread attention on X (previously Twitter). One post alone amassed over 45 million views and 24,000 reposts before being taken down after approximately 17 hours. A report from the cybersecurity firm Deeptrace highlighted that nearly 96% of deepfakes are of a pornographic nature, with the vast majority targeting women. These incidents underscore the growing challenges platforms face in curbing the spread of harmful and deceptive AI-generated content. Remaining vigilant and proactive is crucial in safeguarding online spaces from such inappropriate materials.